Crypto Night, changing Tokyo’s nightlife as we know it. Cryptocurrency combined with bass music to bring you into the future. We are creating a new unbanked army of bass music renegades.


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The Countdown!

Just over two weeks away until Crypto Night! Here are some useful details. Location – Ruby Room in Shibuya. 東京都 渋谷区 道玄坂 2-25-17 カスミビル Kasumi Bldg 2-25-17 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Entrance – 2,000yen 1D Open – 6pm – 11pm DJ’s: Ken – Hangover Deka – Cryptonight, DJsOnSteem Sean – Raw Select Music, DJsOnSteem


Ken – Hangover

2005年、アトランタのシーンを築き上げたアーティスト Mayhem と出会い、強い信頼関係を築く。翌年には Mayhem
がオーガナイズするイベント”Transit”に出演し、暗黒ドラムンベースの新鋭 Limewax の前座を務める。

Deka aka Linear Operators – Crypto Night, DJsOnSteem

A renegade DJ & producer playing house and DnB since 1993, he came to Japan in 2001 as a Selekta.com(defunct) DJ/writer and co-founded the legendary DnB party, Structure along with Yu, Jun(Soi), Asykaga & Yoko. He then moved on to Co-produce Nnumber at AIR(defunct) which saw guest DJ’s Sage (Phylum US) and Dieselboy’s Planet Of The Drums tour.

He has played with legends such as Klute (Commercial Suicide), Krust (Reprazent), A Guy Called Gerald (), Tokyo’s Aki (06s) and Dx (Soi)

He is heavily involved in crypto as a miner, a Steemit veteran and trader.

Known for his varying styles you never know how he will throw down, liquid, dark or everywhere in between, it’s all DnB. Look out for his upcoming releases in April.


Sean – Raw Select Music, DJsOnSteem

Born and raised in Chicago, but currently living in Niigata Japan, from a very young age, Sean has been a music sponge, soaking up as many different sounds and genres as he could. From rock, jazz, funk, soul, to house, techno, electronic music, and hip hop, Sean constantly has ear out for new sounds both new and old. As a DJ, he works to include all of these different genres into his sets, in an attempt to introduce people to the widest sound spectrum as possible. As DJ Kentaro once said – No Walls Between Music.

You can find out more about Sean and his ongoing music blog over at his Raw Select Music on WordPress and Steemit.


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